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Various therapeutic techniques and exercises learned in supervision and those found to be useful/effective/original with patients are listed here. Please give credit to your supervisor whenever possible.

Family Systems/Couples therapy techniques

Sculping a Dyad

To visually/creatively assess a relationship and engage the family in understanding each other's perspective re: relationship. Both patients stand up and Patient 1 "sculpts" Patient's 2 posture, distance, and direction in relation to his own posture, distance, etc. Ask for the sculpture of their current relationship, and the sculpture they wish for or desire. Switch roles (Patient 2 sculpts Patient 1 and then self). Adpoted from Dr. I. Ngai (Newark, NJ)

Improving Communication

Abstract drawing

2 family members are sitting back to back, and one describes an abstract picture to the other (shapes, lines, etc) The other draws, while asking questions about the details. Compare results to the original picture; switch roles. Adpoted from Dr. I. Ngai (Newark, NJ).

Emotional psychic

One person acts out a list of emotions, one at a time; the other person guesses each emotion. Switch roles. Couples, parents/children may discover that they consistently miss or mistake a particular emotion/expression, especially in the heat of the moment. Adpoted from Dr. I. Ngai (Newark, NJ).